Friday I saw TFIOS and I don’t know why I thought that it was a good idea ever to ever see that movie. I’m still emotional about it and I will be forever and ever. I haven’t had any time to write about it because I worked all day yesterday (gross) and then went straight to Elitch Gardens to get high with my friends and ride roller coasters. It was an interesting experience definitely.


Got back from Portland last night at about 6. It was so much fun. I miss it already. The best part about my trip was most definitely the beach. I can’t believe that I have never been to the ocean before. It was so surreal. I can really picture myself living in Portland. Maybe one day I will.

Also I guess I have a boyfriend now? It’s Facebook official and everything I like him a lot. He was the first person I saw yesterday after my parents. I went over to his house pretty much as soon as I got off the plane. I can’t believe that that has happened either. It’s been a rally great couple of days.


Hello from Portland! It’s gorgeous out here. Got in yesterday at about 10 and had brunch at this cute little French cafe. Walked around some downtown and then had dinner with my friend and her sister and brother in law. They are so sweet. We all then took a trip to the International Rose Test Garden where I took waaaaay too many pictures! First day here has been amazing. Pictures to come :)


I spent most of today packing. I was supposed to hang out with that boy again today but he ended up getting super sunburned yesterday and has to open for work tomorrow so we didn’t. I’m a little disappointed but we were texting ALL DAY today which is exciting. He keeps calling me cute pet names and telling me how adorable I am. I really like him. I am disappointed that we didn’t hang out today even though I am understanding. I am leaving for Portland tomorrow and wont be back until Thursday late. I probably wont have a chance to see him again until Saturday or Sunday. Oh well. Portland is going to be a fucking blast I am super stoked. I’ve never flown before so let us see how that goes.